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What do you do with your booklet once you’ve written it?
Writing is usually the easiest part. Then what?
How do you make tons of money?

Discover the great results you can have in your business.

Is everyone out to only sell millions of copies?

Or are there other ways to enjoy success with it?

From the desk of Paulette Ensign
The Booklet Queen

Dear Tips Booklet Author,

Wait ’til you see the real-life solutions I’ve put together for you. And this resource
is the one and only place you can find those answers.

Nine tips booklets authors – people just like you – reveal how they have grown
their company and made lots of money by selling and giving away their booklets
so can you match and surpass their results. They remember what it was like when
they started their journey. No matter where you are on yours – if you are just
starting or you’ve been at it for awhile – they will give you ideas you never
considered, I promise you.

Here’s just a few ways they’ve used their tips booklets:

  • New and greater income streams
  • Increased profit margins
  • Marketing tools to sell their other products and services
  • Cornerstones to create or expand to other formats
  • Choices, companions, or triggers to sales of their services
  • Repurposed into other formats in hard copy and downloadable
  • Guide for delivering and expanding services
  • Collaborative tools for cross marketing with professionals

These people tell you what they did so you can repeat and even exceed their
success. This is the only place you can get this information, available now
for the first time.

Here’s the folks I’ve hand-picked especially for you from the US and the UK.
They have graciously agreed to share their knowledge and experiences.

Here we go-

Peter Thomson,
leading UK information product developer shares:
  • The secret to pre-selling 16,000 tips booklets before writing a word
  • What daily activities sold thousands of copies to his clients
  • What prompted him to create a whole series
Caleb Scoville,
who owns an audio services company in Oregon tells:
  • Why a collaborative tips booklet was his starting point
  • Specific uses for these publications in his audio and video service business
  • Sales results he got from giving it away
Andrew Chapman,
publishing professional on both US coasts, discusses:
  • Where he sold thousands of booklets on getting straight A’s in college
  • How he expanded beyond his initial publication
  • The magic in choosing a topic that keeps generating new clients
Nancy Juetten,
public relations agency owner in Seattle, talks about:
  • The pluses of partnering with a local charity and business journal
  • Developing her product line around the two tips booklets she created
  • Why she started with two instead of one
Kathryn Merrow,
neuromuscular massage therapist in Michigan, reveals:
  • How she brought in $225 for 2 copies of her tips booklet
  • Ways she leverages her content within her practice
  • Ideas that are rumbling around in her head that she has yet to do
Marlene Chism,
speaker and author in Missouri, lets you in on:
  • The simple thing that slowed tips booklets sales until she fixed it.
  • Ways her large quantity buyers used tens of thousands of copies
  • Other high-priced sales prompted by booklet sales
Meggin McIntosh,
speaker, consultant, and coach from Nevada divulges:
  • How it serves her buyers to see 3 tips booklets at once
  • The surprise she discovered about who were her primary buyers
  • The biggest purpose her publications have served
Kathie Nelson,
professional networker and speaker in Oregon, discloses:
  • How her tips booklet gives her more exposure
  • Why she choose to start with a collaborative effort
  • Specific benefits to her bottom line
Susan Friedmann,
speaker and author in upstate New York, lets you in on:
  • Her journey repurposing the same content into other formats
  • Secrets to selling hundreds of thousands of tips booklets
  • The success of a series and where that took her

“Congratulations! This was quite an informative and inspirational series. Hearing the sales stories of your active users of tips booklets is very helpful. You are very good at facilitating, interpreting, and empathizing with the listeners, and bringing out the best in your interviewees. I look forward to referring back to these sessions in the future. I really enjoyed them.”

- Revel Miller


“Thank you for presenting the Booklet Author Success Series.
I enjoyed it a lot, and received several new ideas for product development and marketing tips.”

- Karen Belyan

First-hand, real-life, person-to-person reporting of how others promote their products, services, and causes with tips booklets.
Here’s what you’ll get, jam-packed with new information:
  • 3 – mp3 hour-long recordings of the interviews of 9 tips booklet authors
  • PDF transcript of the sessions


The newly revised 5th edition downloadable PDF of “How to Promote Your Business with Booklets” with the original “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life” booklet in it.
So what’s new in the 5th edition?

Here’s just some of the new stuff in it:

  • Dozens of ways to leverage your booklet for past, current, or new buyers (p.7)
  • Sample product sheets – pre-sell your product line before creating it (p. 91)
  • New and surprising examples of how booklets brought in new sales (p. 9)
  • Using social networking to promote and sell booklets, beyond the obvious (p. 41)
  • Direct links to useful resources to streamline your process (p. 20)

We’ve left you only what’s important, the core of the product:

  • Formula for creating a useful tips booklet (p.1)
  • Strategies for finding large-quantity buyers (p. 24)
  • Anatomy of a large-quantity sale – step by step (p. 27)
  • Licensing your tips booklets (p.35)
  • Step by step from start to finish (p.45)
  • Pricing guidance (p.10)
  • Marketing to the media (p.18)
  • “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life” booklet that started this (p.95)
    and a whole lot more
Whether you already have an earlier version of “How to Promote Your Business with Booklets” or not, you’re sure to learn something new in this one, I promise. That’s why you are getting it free as part of this program. I want you to succeed beyond your wildest imagination.
So, what are you waiting for? Get these tips booklets author interviews and the 100+ page manual, this moment, (once your payment has been approved) today, before you forget about it, so I don’t have to bug you to get something you’ll thank me for later, many times over.

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To your success as you stay open to the possibilities,

Paulette Ensign

P.S. – Remember, here’s what you get:
  • 3 mp3 hour-long recordings of the interviews of the 9 tips booklets authors
    PDF transcript of all the sessions
  • FREE BONUS “How to Promote Your Business with Booklets – newly revised 5th edition downloadable PDF” with the original “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life” booklet. Still thinking about it, are you? Ponder it too long and you’ll miss learning about valuable experiences that can make you more money faster and get your message out there further.

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