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Our Mission

Turn your tips into products and your tips products into moneymakers.

We teach you to transform your knowledge into tips booklets and other information products for marketing, motivating, and making money.

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Paulette Ensign, Founder

Paulette Ensign had no idea she would sell well over a million copies of her 16-page tips booklet, 110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life when she wrote it in 1991. Or that she would do so in four languages and various formats without spending a penny on advertising. Nothing in her background prepared her for that. Yet her can-do attitude triggered and supported those results. She has made a handsome living and a cross-country move from New York to San Diego by recycling the same 3500 words since 1991.

Paulette also wrote How to Write and Market Booklets for Cash (no longer available)How to Promote Your Business with Booklets, and How to Make Huge Profits Licensing Your Booklet. She sells these learning tools to teach others, worldwide, how to do what she did and even surpass her results.

Paulette has two degrees in music education preparing for her original career teaching string instruments in public elementary schools for more than a decade.

Between teaching strings and  developing www.tipsbooklets.com, Paulette was actively involved in the then-emerging industry of Professional Organizing. She owned an organizing company and was a major contributor of time and talent to the National Association of Professional Organizers, serving in leadership roles, ultimately as national president.

Paulette has been a welcomed guest on radio and television shows, commercial teleseminars, in-flight audio programming, and as an in-person public speaker. She hosted a radio show in a metropolitan New York suburb. Paulette has had hundreds of articles published by and about her, and contributed to more than a dozen books about publishing, small business, personal success, and marketing. She is a teacher and entertainer by nature and training.

Founder and Chief Visionary of www.tipsbooklets.com , Paulette now has more than forty years' experience with small business owners, corporations, and professional associations in numerous industries, worldwide.

Paulette added a collaborative tips booklet to the learning tools and services she sells, providing an instant product and an instant marketing tool as a supplement or substitute to a person’s own booklet.

Explore the products and services at www.tipsbooklets.com to get you started easily and quickly on your booklet journey today.


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Contact Information:

Paulette Ensign, Chief Visionary
Tips Products International
1-858-922-9768 - Pacific Time Zone